September 30, 2014: Student Lecture
Matthew Taccogna & Andrés Cisneros

IRES Seminar Series

Time: 12:30pm to 1:20pm

Location: AERL Theatre at 2202 Main Mall


Matthew Taccogna

Matthew’s Seminar:

Tidal Energy in BC: A Marine Spatial Risk Analysis

There is a growing interest in developing in-stream tidal power in BC and around the world as a low carbon and predictable energy source. However, ocean passages proposed for this technology are often very busy with human and ecological activity. This past summer, I interviewed a variety of marine stakeholders in the Campbell River area in an effort to map their areas of usage and levels of risk perception in relation to some proposed tidal energy developments in the area in order to assess the level of social acceptance towards the technology, as well as potentially advantageous areas to place it.



Andres Cisneros

Andrés’ Seminar:

Why ecosystem services matter to international fishery policy: British Columbia to Baja California

Coupling ecosystem models with economic data and frameworks, the supporting service value of forage fishes as food for predators that are subsequently fished can be estimated and often vastly outweighs their yearly landed value .This certainly changes our perceptions, but may or may not warrant drastic changes to policy. As wider dynamics are considered, the tradeoffs between single-stock and ecosystem-based fishing strategies become more intricate. Results for the California Current, which flows from British Columbia through Baja California and is fished by three countries, suggest that stopping forage fish fisheries would not increase total fishery profits once the costs of foregone forage fish catch are considered. Strategies that aim to sustainably fish these stocks, considering single- and multi-species goals, outperform others across a range of climate and cooperative scenarios.