March 11, 2014: Guest Lecture
Chintan Jani

12:30pm to 1:20pm, AERL Theatre (room 120)

The AERL building (Aquatic Ecosystems Research Laboratory) is located on 2202 Main Mall at UBC Vancouver.

Abstract Title: Zero Point Energy

Zero point energy, also called vacuum energy or free energy, is the energy potential of the fabric of space-time. Until recently, vacuum was thought of as empty space, void of any matter or energy. But a thorough physical inquiry has now revealed that vacuum is far from just empty space; it vibrates with tiny energy fluctuations, causing particles to go in and out of existence from the vast underlying vacuum sea, near the speed of light. This energy is not trivial; in fact calculations throw up a number so large that it is difficult for the human mind to conceive. If we can manage to understand the rules governing this energy field, we might be able to access a source of energy large enough to fulfill our needs a million times over without combustion of matter and without destroying the planet. This presentation is an introduction to the basic concepts within zero point energy science and the efforts taking place around the world to design technology that can extract usable force from this energy.